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Women's ministry

            Women of Promise

Women of Promise seeks to create a sisterhood of women growing in God that encourages women to live out their full God-given potential for themselves and their families. Women of Promise fellowships include Bible studies, events, and a rich online community on their Facebook Group page. We believe in creating an atmosphere for women that encourages all women to feel that they belong and can be heard. Join us every Tuesday at 7pm for our weekly Women’s Bible Study via Zoom.


Women of Promise is led by Pastor Cynthia Peña, who works in the Health field. She is passionate about encouraging and teaching women to take hold of the promises of God despite their current challenges. Join the Women of Promise every Tuesday at 7:00pm for Bible study and fellowship. 


men's ministry

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                   Lion's Roar

Lion’s Roar Men’s Ministry seeks to create a brotherhood of men growing in God that encourages men to live out their full God-given potential for themselves and their families. Lion’s Roar fellowship consists of relevant Bible studies and events that bring men together in community. We believe in awakening men to their powerful God-given authority and equipping them to be mature godly men. 


Lion’s Roar Men’s Ministry is led by Pastor Rosario “Tito” Peña. These strong men of God are passionate about encouraging men to walk in their full calling. Join the Lion’s Roar Men’s Ministry every Tuesday at 7:00pm via Zoom. 


Young  Adults 

                    Set Ablaze

Set Ablaze Young Adults is designed to connect young adults ages 18-35 with intentional community that encourages and develops their faith. Set Ablaze Fellowship consists of live music, activities, and relevant teaching that targets young adult issues within the urban context. We believe in creating an atmosphere where everyone from all walks of life can belong and encounter God in an authentic and safe space. Our thriving young adult’s ministry is the heart of PLCC as young adults are given many opportunities to grow in weekly Bible studies, leadership opportunities, and share their passions.


Set Ablaze Young Adults is led by Young Adults Director Mae Leger who is a current Master’s student at St. John’s University. Mae brings her many years of experience as a community organizer and educator to her role as overseer. She is deeply passionate about helping youth and young adults reach their fullest potential as lifelong, passionate disciples of Christ. 


Youth Ministry 

               Promised Youth


Promised Youth is designed to help middle school and high school students grow their faith, their character, and their relationships through bi-weekly Saturday night youth fellowships. Friday fellowships consist of games, youth-led worship, and teachings that deal with relevant issues that equip the youth with biblical wisdom to be lights within their urban context in the Bronx. Promised Youth’s main focus is on relationships, both with the youth and their parents, to build a bridge that connects the entire family to God.


Promised Youth is led by Youth Director Matthew Carrion who is a current seminary student. Matthew brings to this role his years of experience as a leader of community youth organizations such as South Bronx Kids and as educator for the NYC Department of Education. His passion is to see the youth fall deeply in love with Jesus and become lifelong disciples that transform the world. He is also an avid Star Wars and movie fan who enjoys dancing and theological discussions on his free time.




                Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids Children’s ministry was created to give children at PLCC access to high quality Sunday School lessons in a safe and fun environment. Kingdom Kids consists of music, games, and lessons taught by Children Ministry Leaders at PLCC. Kingdom Kids takes place on Sundays during service to allow parents the opportunity to focus on the Word of God while their children are well taken care of by our caring and engaging staff. 

Relaunching soon.


L.O.T.S. ministry

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           Love On The Streets

Love on the Streets (LOTS) is the heart of PLCC to gladly serve the least, the last, and the lost in the urban community. LOTS consists of community outreach to provide the physical and spiritual needs of individuals in the most impoverished areas of the Bronx. LOTS delivers hundreds of hot meals and essential supplies once a month to homeless individuals on the streets. The pantry also serves needy families with bags of donated nutritious groceries. Our team meets these individuals where they reside in places such as under bridges and near gas stations to feed, provide basic supplies, and pray for them. LOTS is overseen by Pastor Rosie Archilla and lead by Michelle Campos.


LOTS Ministry meets the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 9 am-11 am. All volunteers and food donations are greatly welcomed.


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